Build Your Dream

Every yacht is a dream made real.  An object of great beauty and an engineering marvel all at the same time.  When you walk along the docks or sit at that table by the marina, you dream of your perfect yacht.  Whether it’s the impressive helm that puts you at the center of command or that spacious deck to allow you to spend time out in the sun, you have a punch list for your perfect yacht.

Being a semi-custom manufacturer gives us the ability to help you turn your dreams into reality.  Your vision, combined with our manufacturing strengths, will result in a masterpiece.


Once you choose the Ocean Alexander yacht that’s right for you, the real fun begins.  Each model in our line-up includes a variety of layout options that sets the main tone for your yacht.  Do you love to pilot from the open flybridge and feel the breeze on your face?  Do you prefer to just bring your immediate family with you or do you want to invite lots of guest?  These are just a few of the options that you can customize with your Ocean Alexander.


When you choose to build a new Ocean Alexander, you also have the chance to work with some world-renowned interior designers to customize your space.  We have carefully chosen several granite and marble options as well as complimenting woods and varnishes to provide you with a canvas for your additional soft goods.  You can also source stone from any market and have the work customized during the commissioning process.  You can work with designers to select the perfect choice of fabrics for each space of your yacht to give each area a special and unique touch.


With over 30 years of woodworking craftsmanship, we offer an incredible selection for the cabinetry and table options for your customized Ocean Alexander.


Once you start to build your dream Ocean Alexander, the factory will provide regular photo updates on the progress of your yacht.  At the completion, you’ll receive a photo album with all important manufacturing moments captured as well as the shipping and arrival of your yacht.  In addition, as the owner, you are always welcome to visit the yard and see the process of your dream becoming reality.