Manufacturing Strength

Every yacht is a dream made real. An object of great beauty and an engineering marvel all at the same time. But does a beautiful boat seem as perfect if you find yourself in an unforgiving sea? Or half a world away from home?

Ocean Alexander is obsessed with proving that our yachts’ unmistakable splendor and engineering excellence will never fail you. We’re fanatical about performance. Gripped with the idea that any object this wondrous and rare deserves to be constantly examined and refined. Every Ocean Alexander yacht is the product of passionate people infused with tremendous talent. We know your yacht may be the greatest infatuation of your life, because it’s the greatest infatuation of our own.


We utilize the latest technologies for 3D modeling when engineering our yachts. We’ve added the use of FEA (Finite element analysis), which allows us to model the yachts and systems in a virtual environment. This provides us the opportunity to find and solve potential structural or performance issues long before the first piece of fiberglass is laid up. These techniques give us faster results with R&D and we can respond quicker to changing demands from our owners and the market.


We are pioneers in the use of aluminum I-beams for yacht manufacturing and that has given us the edge in today’s market. Aluminum is ten times stiffer than wood or fiberglass, and the Series 6061 aluminum used in Ocean Alexander yachts is a very pure, high-quality, aircraft grade with an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio. These meticulously engineered straight beams add little to the weight of our craft but add volumes in reliability, safety and maneuverability.


Ocean Alexander yachts contain unidirectional carbon fiber material as reinforcement in critical areas where the designs call for extreme strength. The tops of the stringers, for example. Unidirectional carbon fiber has ten times the strength of fiberglass. It’s extremely light, yet astonishingly strong – twice as strong as woven carbon fiber. As new technologies develop, we strive to stay on the fore-front to ensure our yachts are built with the strongest and safest materials.


We fabricate our fuel tanks with a military-grade aluminum alloy, and our specs call for material that is four to six millimeters thick, the same thickness used on military vessels. Our tanks have sight gauges and are pre-tested for pressure tolerance and leakage. Ocean Alexander’s fuel tanks are the longest lived in the industry.


We insist on seamless tubing and a grip-able oval shape for our stainless steel deck railings. Not only are our railings a safety feature, but they also add a distinctive look to your vessel. Producing our railings requires highly developed welding and joinery skills Ocean Alexander craftsmen have perfected over three decades.


High-tech sound insulation is just the beginning. Your first view of any Ocean Alexander engine room is an impressive expanse of polished stainless steel. Your engine rests on a dedicated stainless-steel base bolted to solid, polished stainless steel stringer caps. Our sophisticated vibration isolation system gives you an unsurpassed advantage in quiet and comfort. Accessibility is a priority in our engine rooms. You’ll find full-height ceilings in our larger yachts, and even smaller rooms have generous workspaces. Plumbing, hydraulic and electrical are color coded or clearly labeled for easy tracing. All plumbing and fittings are oversized. The layout and finish detail found in an Ocean Alexander engine room is simply non-existent in competitive yachts. You may find you want to spend a great deal of time in your engine room, just admiring it.