Our Engineering

Engineering is our continuing obsession. We approach safety and performance like the aerospace industry does: with no compromises. As technology evolves, we stay at the leading edge to be sure our design and components are second to none. You’ll see it in every millimeter of our boats.

3-D Modeling

Finite element analysis (FEA) lets us design in a virtual environment, uncovering and solving potential structural or performance issues long before actual construction.



Aluminum I-beams

Ten times stiffer than wood or fiberglass, our straight, aircraft-grade-aluminum beams have an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio for maneuverability, safety and reliability.

Unidirectional Carbon Fiber

With twice the strength of woven carbon fiber, featherweight unidirectional carbon fiber reinforces critical areas, like the tops of stringers.

Long-lasting Fuel Tanks

We build them with military-grade aluminum alloy, using the same thickness as on military vessels. Pressure and leak tested, complete with sight gauges, our fuel tanks last longer than anyone else’s.

Seamless Handrails

Our oval-shaped stainless-steel deck rails are safer because they’re easier to grip, and they add a distinctive look to your boat. It takes each artisan years to master the techniques for making them


Quiet Running

We invest in a sophisticated vibration-isolation system for engines. Our leading-edge sound-insulation technology proves itself every time you leave the slip.


Awe-inspiring Engine Rooms

Mirror-polish stainless steel gleams everywhere. Every system is color-coded, labeled and highly accessible. Ceilings and workspaces are generously oversize. Engine rooms like ours just don’t exist on competitive-size yachts.


We’ve mastered the details that matter, from drawers that light from within to useful storage where you least expect it.